Slip Correction Factor for Gas Diffusion

In the first summer of the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked on a research project with my father, Carlos Coimbra, who is a mechanical engineering professor at UC San Diego. My goal was to find the analogies between molecular and aerosol diffusion for small, non-spherical particles. I discovered a simple but remarkably accurate relationship for estimating binary coefficients for monoatomic, diatomic, and triatomic gases diffusing in air. This work eventually resulted in a first-author paper in the AIAA journal. Through this research project, I learned about transport properties and developed data analysis skills, such as nondimensionalizing expressions, finding correlations, and organizing data via data spreadsheets and curve-fitting. 

The paper was accepted in the AIAA journal on April 4, 2022.


Coimbra K.M.Y., Coimbra M.C.Y., and Coimbra C.F.M., "On the Slip Correction Factor for Simple Gases Diffusing in Air," AIAA Journal, 4 April 2022.