Here is a list of my publications and press releases in which my projects were mentioned. 

Journal Papers

Mode hybridization in DNA-inspired helical metamaterials with variable centro-asymmetry.pdf

Kim, G., Coimbra K.M.Y., and Daraio, C., "Helical-Structured Materials with Variable Centrosymmetry," Applied Physics Letters, (accepted, 2022).


Coimbra K.M.Y., Coimbra M.C.Y., and Coimbra C.F.M., "On the Slip Correction Factor for Simple Gases Diffusing in Air," AIAA Journal, 4 April 2022. 

Conference Papers


Coimbra K.M.Y., Junker C. et al. "Design of a Lunar Architecture for Tree Traversal in Service of Cabled Exploration," AIAA Region VI Student Conference (Team Category), 3 April 2022. 


Tisdale, M. et al. including Coimbra K.M.Y., "Design of a Modular and Orientable Electrodynamic Shield for Lunar Dust Mitigation," AIAA 2022-2623, 29 December 2021. 

Press Releases

2022-2023 Mechanical and Civil Engineering Award Winners Announced  | June 16, 2023

A Ski Lift on the Moon | October 10, 2022

Kaila Coimbra Receives AIAA David and Catherine Thompson Space Technology Scholarship | September 21, 2022

Student-Led Lunar Architecture Team Named Finalist in NASA Competition for Second Consecutive Year | April 8, 2022

University Teams ‘Take Off the Training Wheels’ to Develop Alternative Rovers | February 24, 2022 

AIAA Announces 2022 International Student Conference Winners | January 21, 2022 

Caltech Undergraduates Recognized for Inventing Product that Would Mitigate Dust in Lunar Habitats | November 24, 2021

Student-Led Moon Dust Shield Team Named Finalist in NASA Competition | February 16, 2021

NASA Selects University Teams to Develop Ways to Deal with Moon Dust | January 29, 2021